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Driving instructor ´Standards Check Test´ Training

If you´re an ADI and have received your Standards Check appointment, Clearway have been established 50 years in the ADI industry and are well equipped to guide, help and assist you successfully through your standards check test.

From 7th April 2014 the Standards Check was introduced to allow ADIs to demonstrate their competence and to professionally assess on how well they meet the National Standard for Driver and Rider Training (NSDRT).


On the new assessment form there will be 3 areas of competence as follows:-

1. Lesson Planning

2. Risk Management

3. Teaching & Learning Strategies

Lesson Planning - realistic lesson plan & route appropriate for your pupil´s ability.

Management Risk - making sure at the start of the lesson that your pupil and you as the instructor, understands the full meaning of ´shared risk responsibility´ and that you, as the instructor, are able to engage in pro-active instruction with your pupil.

Teaching & Learning Strategies - Use of client centred learning/teaching strategies. We strongly advise you to take some professional training in CCL techniques.

You will be assessed and marked on 17 competencies within the above 3 categories.

A maximum score of 51 is possible but minimum score is 31

Minimum score in risk management is 8


Grade A is awarded when scoring 85% (44 out of 51)

Grade B is awarded when scoring between 60% - 84% (31 - 42)

Below 60% is marked as a fail

A maximum of 3 attempts are allowed before removal from the ADI Register

Please note! - a score in Risk Management of 8 must be achieved in this section otherwise failure will occur irrespective of your success in the other sections

Statistics now show that 1 in 5 driving instructors are failing this check test

If you require any help or assistance with your forthcoming ADI Check Test, please contact Clearway on 07850 788873 or 01253 765543

Remember, there is no substitute for experience. We are ADI Industry Achievement Award Finalists (ADI Registrar) and have a wealth of experience in the driving industry.

Get on the road to your licence with Clearway Driving School - the School with the outstanding 1st time pass rate.

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